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    At 5x5 Combat Solutions, we are proud of the individuals that we are fortunate enough to work with. While some may not consider our clients “famous", we are extremely honored to be associated with them. A lack of fame does not mean a client's story isn't interesting and worth telling. So, when circumstances allow, we will take the opportunity to not only introduce you to an exciting new product, but also to the individual whose concept was realized with the help of the team here at 5x5. 

   Take a moment to get to know them and who knows, maybe next time, They will be reading about You. 


Be Heard, Loud and Clear

Douglas olson

        It is with great honor that we introduce you to Douglas Olson as our first client to have his “Concept Realized” as part of our “Mind to Market” approach to product development here at 5x5.  Douglas Olson began his almost 50 year career in mechanical engineering at the Naval Weapons Support Center in Crane, Indiana. While at Crane, he became one of the Navy representatives to the Joint Services Small Arms Program. The experience gained there was then brought to the Qual-A-Tec and Phrobis family of companies. Here, he was heavily involved in equipping some of the most elite fighting forces on the planet with state of the art sound suppressors and edged weapons including the M9 bayonet.  Eventually, Doug joined Knight’s Armament Company becoming the Vice President in charge of Research and Development. The list of products developed with the purpose of ensuring that our brave service men and women received nothing but the finest equipment available included the M4 R.A.S. and R.I.S. handguard / rail systems, the SR25 sniper rifle (MK11 MOD 0 and M110 designations), the Offensive Handgun (O.H.G.) Suppressor and the M4 QD suppressor.   Doug has continued his prolific design career and now contributes his talents to the team at Lewis Machine and Tool. To date, Mr. Olson is a named inventor on nearly 20 patents (and counting!) which includes his latest, The Quick-Link Trigger System which was developed and manufactured in a collaboration effort between himself and the team at 5x5 Combat Solutions.   


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