About Us



    When it comes right down to it, 5x5 Combat Solutions is You! Having spent years helping bring many new products to market for a variety of companies in a variety of industries, we understand how difficult it can be for an "ordinary" person to get an extraordinary idea to market. How many great ideas never make it beyond a sketch on a napkin because the individual with the concept lacks some "piece of the puzzle" to get that idea from "mind to market"? That's why, here at 5x5 we are determined to give a voice to the "little guy" and help turn your idea into a reality. So, who do we think we are? We are 5x5 and we are here to listen! 

Be Heard. Loud and Clear.



        In two-way radio communication the transmitting station may request a report on the subjective quality of the signal they are broadcasting. In the military branches of NATO countries and other organizations, this signal quality is reported using two scales: the first is for signal strength, and the second for signal clarity or "readability". Both of these scales range from one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best signal. Therefore, a response of "Five by Five" means the signal has excellent strength and perfect clarity - the most understandable signal possible. As time went on, the response "I read you five by five" (sometimes written as  "5 by 5", "5 x 5" or just "Fives"), came to mean "I understand you perfectly" in situations beyond radio communications. During the World War II era, the phrase "I read you loud and clear" came into use with a similar meaning.

       The phrase " 5 x 5 " perfectly conveys our vision of a "loud and clear" exchange of ideas between two parties working toward one common goal, Concept Realization. This is accomplished by listening to our clients and working with them to formulate the best possible strategies for developing their idea and turning the most effective representation of their concept into a reality. Then finally, they have been heard Loud and Clear.



       With years of experience in various aspects of Product Design, Development, Manufacturing and the marketing concepts involved in bringing new products to life, we are determined to use our skills to take innovative ideas from concept to realization by providing a wide array of services that bridge the gap between mind and market. 


   Concept Realization Services:

 · Engineering and Design

 · CNC Manufacturing

 · Specializing in Limited Production quantities

 · Intellectual Property Protection Assistance

 · High Volume Production sources

 · Product Presentation Solutions 

 · Retail  Market Representation