Michael Janich Custom


Jandura : Limited Edition

Michael Janich is a world-renowned authority on personal-defense, edged-weapon tactics, and knife design. One of his go-to choices for a personal-defense knife is the Spyderco® Endura® 4 Lightweight, because it is affordable, reliable, completely ambidextrous, and has a matching folding trainer available for it. The only disadvantage to this knife when Janich carried it was that, right out of the box, its blade exceeded the 3.5-inch legal limit in his home state of Colorado. To solve that problem, Janich reground the blade of his personal Endura, in the process lowering its point to create more of a Wharncliffe-style edge that cuts with greater power and depth. He also removed the "jimping" (textured grooves) on the blade’s thumb ramp to work better with his preferred Filipino-style grip and polished the action to ensure smooth operation and rapid deployment.

Initially, Janich created only one “Jandura” for his own personal carry. When a close friend of his took notice of the knife, Janich gifted it to him and made another. After that friend exercised his “bragging rights,” Janich’s other students quickly expressed interest in getting their own. Ultimately, Janich partnered with Stay Safe Media and, for several years, offered a limited number of custom-modified Janduras for sale to the public. 

Now, through an exclusive arrangement with 5x5 Combat Solutions, the Jandura is back!

These remarkable knives begin as stock Spyderco Endura Lightweights with stout saber-ground blades. Every one of them is then personally modified and tuned by Michael Janich to replicate his original personal Jandura. The blades are shortened to just under 3.5 inches and the straight “clip” is crowned. Janich also removes the jimping from the thumb ramp and hand finishes the blade’s spine before hand “lapping” (polishing) the action to ensure smooth opening. The blades of these knives are also laser engraved with Janich's signature and the word "custom" to indicate their elite, limited-edition status. Every knife comes in its original Spyderco box, which is personally autographed and comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity with Janich’s personal “chop.” 

5x5 Combat Solutions is extremely proud to be the exclusive source of these highly collectible knives. Because they are individually customized, they will be available in very limited quantities. 5x5 will honor orders on a first-come, first-served basis and will maintain an ongoing waiting list.