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*** Contact us for special First Responder / Military personnel pricing. ***

 ** Knife NOT included with  Exo-Tool™  purchase ** 


Recluse Exo-Tool™

   The Recluse Exo-Tool™  provides the ultimate in discreet, deep-pocket carry while keeping your knife instantly accessible. The aircraft-grade aluminum body replaces your knife’s factory back spacer to support a low-profile, butt-mounted, stainless steel pocket clip. Reversible for left or right-side, tip-up carry, this module features non-reflective hardcoat-anodized and Cerakote® finishes.                     



Nautilus Exo-Tool™

   The Nautilus Exo-Tool™  turns your carry knife into a versatile mariner’s tool with the addition of an on-board folding marlinspike. Ideal for loosening knots and splicing rope and line, the marlinspike, with its Cerakote® finish and stainless steel components, is specifically designed for use in nautical environments. This hardcoat-anodized, aluminum-bodied module also features a wave-spring-assisted detent system that maintains the tool’s open or closed position. (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED)


Scarab Exo-Tool™

   The Scarab Exo-Tool™  replaces the factory back spacer of your carry knife with a robust flat-blade screwdriver that is also suitable for light-duty prying. Machined from 440C stainless steel and heat treated to a tough spring temper, this versatile module has a resilient Cerakote® finish.     (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED)


Scorpion Exo-Tool™

   The Scorpion Exo-Tool transforms an ordinary folding knife into a multi-function rescue tool that provides both a hook-style safety cutter and a glass breaker in one compact module. Crafted from hardened 440C stainless steel, its sleek design flows seamlessly with the contours of your knife’s handle and has a durable, non-reflective Cerakote® finish. (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED)  


Mantis Exo-Tool™

   The Mantis Exo-Tool™  enhances your knife’s work and play capabilities with the addition of a magnetic 1/4” bit driver and “beverage extraction tool” (bottle opener) in one fun and functional module. Whether your work has just begun or it’s time to relax after a long day, the “prying” Mantis, constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, is always there to help. (KNIFE NOT INCLUDED) 

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*** Contact us for special First Responder / Military personnel pricing. ***

 ** Knife NOT included with  Exo-Tool™  purchase ** 



 Inspired by the revolutionary Emerson Opener (aka “wave”) created by custom knifemaker and designer Ernest Emerson, the Pickpocket is an add-on accessory that provides the ultimate one-hand opening solution for your folding knife. The Pickpocket installs in minutes in the Trademark Round Hole™ of your Spyderco® knife using the tools included with your purchase. When you draw your knife, its forward-facing hook snags the top of your pocket to swiftly and positively open the blade. The Pickpocket also offers increased surface area, mass, and leverage to make your conventional thumb and inertial openings even faster and more reliable. Precision machined from stainless steel, the Pickpocket is proudly made in the USA and crafted to last a lifetime.

*Note: Due to the many different blade shapes of Spyderco knives, the Pickpocket are manufactured to be model specific.


Recluse Pocket Clip

  We are now offering our Recluse Exo-Tool pocket clips and screws in various color options. These new color choices can be ordered as an option with your Recluse Exo-Tool purchase or they can be purchased separately for current Recluse owners to allow you to change clip colors as often as you change your pants! We are taking discreet carry to the next level.  Compatible with all Recluse Exo-Tool models. Additional color choices coming soon. 

afterknife™ - e.d.c. series


Prymacy™ multi-tool


The  Prymacy™  is a multi-function pocket pry bar that does double duty as a personal-defense tool. Michael Janich, founder and lead instructor of Martial Blade Concepts, designed the tool and commissioned 5X5 Combat Solutions to manufacture it exclusively for his 2019 Martial Blade Camp event. It was so well received that he’s allowing 5X5 to manufacture a slight variation of it for a broader audience.

The Prymacy is made from 5/32” thick AEB-L steel, an ultra-tough material which is basically a stainless version of 52100 ball bearing steel. It incorporates eight different functions, including a pry tip/flat-blade screwdriver, a bottle opener, a hex-bit driver and carry slot (which comes with a Phillips screwdriver bit), and five different wrench slots: 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2-inch. An integral pocket clip allows it to be conveniently carried at the top of the pocket and three O-rings keep the on-board Phillips bit securely in place. The Prymacy’s compact size allows it to carry comfortably in the front pants pocket, while remaining instantly accessible for a quick draw. When gripped in the hand, its pry tip and tapered top end offer focused impact points that allow it to serve as a potent impact and compliance tool if necessary. Boasting a handsome “sand-washed” finish, the Prymacy also proudly acknowledges its heritage with laser-engraved logos of 5x5 Combat Solutions and the MBC triangle.


Armadillo F.I.S.T.

      The Armadillo F.I.S.T. ("Fives" Internal Storage Tool) is part of our new AfterKnife E.D.C. series of everyday carry pocket tools and personal protection products designed to assist with a variety of situations. This E.D.C. keychain is equipped with a magnetic 1/4” bit driver, (4) internal bit storage compartments (bits included*) and integral 1/2” and 3/8” wrenches. The F.I.S.T. is a "handy" addition to any EDC inventory. Be prepared for the unexpected and have the right tool for the job close at hand, everyday.   

*(Choose your bit package option at checkout.)*

Other Spyderco® models are available for these package deals. Email us with your special requests.