5x5 / Yurco limited edition


Through an exclusive collaboration with renowned custom knifemaker and martial artist Mickey Yurco, 5x5 Combat Solutions is proud to bring you limited-edition expressions of the Spyderco® Delica® 4 and Endura® 4 Wharncliffe knives. Each of these knives begins with a stock Delica 4 or Endura 4 Wharncliffe. Mr. Yurco then individually hand profiles the blades to create a more effective self-defense profile reminiscent of Michael Janich’s famed Ronin™ design. The knives are then outfitted with 5x5 Combat Solutions’ “Recluse Exo-Tool™” deep-pocket carry module featuring a unique skeletonized pocket clip created specifically for this project. To ensure high-speed deployment, the blades are also fitted with a custom-engineered “Pickpocket™” attachment that opens them automatically when drawn from a pocket. The reverse side of each blade is laser engraved “5x5” and “Yurco” and individually serialized. A matching serial number is also engraved on every “Pickpocket” attachment.

These elite custom-ground versions of the Delica and Endura showcase Mickey Yurco’s impeccable craftsmanship and the unique innovation of 5x5 Combat Solutions’ AfterKnife™ accessories. Both models will be made in limited runs of 100 serialized knives and are available while supplies last.  

* Matched Sets are available while supplies last.   (one (1) Delica and one (1) Endura as described above, with matching serial numbers ) *

**Customers should expect longer than normal delivery times due to the custom nature of these products.**